Volvo FMX


Our toughest, strongest, most robust truck. Capable of transporting large loads in rough conditions without getting bogged down. And a secure and comfortable workplace for drivers - ensuring productivity and safety.

The Volvo FMX is ready for anything. It's built for challenging jobs in challenging environments, and prepped with features to suit. And a range of services keeps it running - and working.

Volvo FMX The construction giant

The construction giant

The Volvo FMX is our most robust truck ever. And it looks it. The front is solid and seriously strong. It’s also smart. We used materials that can take a pounding, and designed panels you can replace yourself. So you’ll spend less time in the workshop, and more at work.

The most robust truck we've ever built

Strong enough to tow up to 32 tonnes. Sturdy enough to bump into a concrete wall and carry on. The bumper corners are made from 3 millimetres thick high-grade steel. The headlights are high up, away from knocks. If you do manage to do any serious damage (and it’s unlikely), split body panels keep it isolated. And visible screws let you replace the part yourself. All this keeps your Volvo FMX up and running, and on-site – where it belongs.

Volvo FMX The most robust truck we've ever built
Volvo FMX Day cab

Day cab

Day Cab

  • Interior height: 157cm (114cm*)
*On the engine tunnel

Sleeper cab

Sleeper Cab

  • Interior height: 157cm (114cm*)
*On the engine tunnel
Volvo FMX Sleeper cab
Volvo FMX Globetrotter cab

Globetrotter cab

Day Cab

  • Interior height: 196cm (153cm*)

*On the engine tunnel

Bigger. Better. Stronger

All the familiar Volvo FMX elements are there, just enhanced and improved. The bull bar is tougher and larger, as are the corner bumpers. The central towing device is made from cast iron and can pull up to 32 tonnes. And the new headlights are positioned higher up where they’re less likely to get damaged.

Volvo FMX Bigger. Better. Stronger


Up to 540hp of fuel-efficient power

Powerful. Torque-strong. And super-efficient. Our world-leading diesel engines boost productivity and improve your fuel-efficiency. They’re kinder to the environment, too.

Built for tough conditions

The Volvo FMX exists for one purpose – to be the best and most suitable truck for construction assignments. That's why we engineered the chassis and designed the air suspension to cope with the toughest working conditions on earth.

Volvo FMX Built for tough conditions
Volvo FMX I-shift with Crawler gears - Start where you want

I-shift with Crawler gears - Start where you want

I-Shift just got even more versatile and easy to drive. The automated gearbox is now available with the choice of one or two crawler gears, plus the additional option of extra reverse gears. If you transport heavy loads, you know that starting from a standstill can sometimes be difficult, especially in hilly terrain or poor road conditions. Ultimately, you may have to unload the cargo or even request towing, which has devestating effects on your uptime and productivity. Equip your Volvo FMX with I-Shift with crawler gears and this will be a worry of the past. Your startability is dramatically improved, and the strain on the clutch is reduced by up to 75 percent, saving you from unnecessary repairs

Power workplace

It’s where you spend your time and store your stuff, so it better be good. Climb into the Volvo FMX cab and you’ll see what we mean. The pure, clean design helps you focus on the job. Smart systems improve your downtime. And those handy details? Well, they just make your workday better.

Volvo FMX Power workplace


Tough terrain? No such thing

Our all-wheel-drive is different. Turn it on to power through swamp, mud, sand and up steep hills. When the ground firms up or flattens out – simply switch it off. It’s more fuel-efficient this way.

Our all-wheel drive is available in 6×6 configuration.


  • Engine: 11-litre or 13-litre Volvo diesel engines
  • Horsepower: 330 | 370 | 410 | 450 | 460 | 500 hp
  • Torque: 1600 | 1750 | 1950 | 2150 | 230 | 2500 Nm
  • Transmission: Manual | I-Shift | Powertronic automatic
  • GCM: Up to 120 tonnes
  • Axle configuration: 6x4 | 6x6 | 8x4
  • Cab type: Day cab | Sleeper cab | Globetrotter cab