Volvo FM

Premium thinking

The key to profitability is total cost of ownership. To maximise profit, you need the right truck, personalised services and an extensive support network that keeps you on the road.

The versatile FM now also has two locally built model options that meet Euro6 emission standards, the FM11 and FM13. Not only are these trucks lower in their emissions, but they also offer improved fuel efficiency.

All locally build FM models are proud to be certified 'Australian Made', there has never been a better time to support the local economy by choosing to invest in locally produced trucks.

Volvo FM Distinguished by design

Distinguished by design

Built for the road. At home on any city street. The Volvo FM’s aerodynamic lines and soft curves give it a confident, yet friendly look. It’s bold. It’s urban. It’s every inch a Volvo.

Our most flexible truck. Ever.

Tipper, tanker, transporter? Crane? The Volvo FM can be configured any way you want it.

The Volvo FM is our most flexible truck. And can be configured any way you want it. Its clever chassis features and long list of specification options that simplify bodybuilding time, speed up delivery and reduce your costs.

Volvo FM Our most flexible truck. Ever.
Volvo FM Day cab

Day cab

Day Cab

  • Interior height: 157cm (114cm*)

*On the engine compartment cover.

Sleeper cab

Sleeper Cab

  • Interior height: 157cm (114cm*)

*On the engine compartment cover.

Volvo FM Sleeper cab
Volvo FM Globetrotter cab

Globetrotter cab

Sleeper Cab

  • Interior height: 196cm (153cm*)

*On the engine compartment cover.

Urban design

It’s powerful. Aerodynamic. And built for the road. But the Volvo FM is also at home on city streets. It’s less assertive-looking than some of its stable mates. Less tall too. So it’s easy for pedestrians, cyclists and car drivers to make eye contact with the driver. And that means happier – and safer – journeys all round.

Volvo FM Urban design


Up to 540 hp of fuel-efficient power

The next step towards cleaner and more fuel-efficient engines. Several small advances results in a big improvement. Giving increased engine torque and response at low rpm on the D13 engine. As well as longer oil drain intervals on the D11 engine. This means less environmental impact.

Just drive

I-Shift makes driving easier, safer and more comfortable. There’s no heavy clutch, and no stick to wrestle with. Every gear change is perfectly timed. The simplicity of the system reduces driver fatigue, helping you to focus on the road and the traffic around you. And if you do want to change gear manually, the button on the gearstick gives you direct control of the shift.

Volvo FM Just drive
Volvo FM Built for drivers. And bodybuilders

Built for drivers. And bodybuilders

Whatever you need space for, the Volvo FM has room for it. Its clever chassis design and increased specification options let you tailor the layout to your exact needs. The chassis also features Volvo-patented technologies that ensure superior handling – on the motorway and round the tightest bends.

Enter your comfort zone

When you’re comfortable, you drive well. So from the moment you climb into the Volvo FM (using the extra low entry step), to the moment you clock off (the bed is wide and pocket sprung), you’ll find everything you need for a relaxing workday.

Volvo FM Enter your comfort zone


  • Engine: 11-litre or 13-litre Volvo diesel engines
  • Horsepower: 330 | 370 | 410 | 420 | 450 | 460 | 500 hp
  • Torque: 1600 | 1750 | 1950 | 2100 | 2150 | 2300 | 2500 Nm
  • Transmission: I-Shift | Manual
  • GCM: Up to 120 tonnes
  • Axle configuration: 4x2 | 6x2 | 6x4 | 8x4
  • Cab type: Day cab | Sleeper cab | Globetrotter cab