Volvo FH

Premium thinking

The key to profitability is the total cost of ownership. With the right truck, the right services and the right support network, you drive profitability.

We design and engineer every truck and every service to reduce your fuel costs, improve uptime and increase your productivity. Our unmatched customer support (from the largest Dealer Network in Australia & NZ) comes as standard – from the first mile to the last.

Volvo FH Distinguished by design

Distinguished by design

Bold, sweeping lines and dynamic, aero-led curves give the Volvo FH its distinctive, purposeful stance. Redesigned from the ground up, yet unmistakably a Volvo, the truck’s design celebrates the driver. And drives profitability for your fleet.

Peerless Design

The stance is solid and purposeful, with one thing in mind. Efficiency. The more aerodynamic the truck is, the more you'll get out of every drop of fuel. That’s why we've fine-tuned the cab design and spoilers. Making it all glide smoothly through the air. Saving fuel - and reducing the environmental impact.

Volvo FH Peerless Design
Volvo FH Globetrotter XXL cab

Globetrotter XXL cab

FH16 XXL cab

  • Interior height 220cm (211cm*)
  • 1 or 2 beds
  • Lower bunk widened 250mm and lengthened 130mm compared to Globetrotter XL
  • Abundant storage space
*On the engine tunnel

Globetrotter XL cab

Globetrotter cab

  • Interior height 220cm (211cm*)
  • 1 or 2 beds
  • Abundant storage space
*On the engine tunnel
Volvo FH Globetrotter XL cab
Volvo FH Sleeper cab

Sleeper cab

Sleeper cab

  • Interior height 171cm (162cm*)
  • 1 bed

*On the engine tunnel

Precision fit. Perfect finish

The cab is big, but its aero-led design means it has a low air resistance. The precision fit of the panel joints means there’s no gap between the lower and upper cab. Air flows around the cab instead of through it – enhancing aerodynamic performance and reducing fuel consumption.

Volvo FH Precision fit. Perfect finish
Volvo FH Volvo FH dynamic chassis

Volvo FH dynamic chassis

The Volvo FH chassis is light, flexible – and it’s easy to customise and prep it for a superstructure. It gives you great handling, comfort and economy without compromising payload.

Just drive

I-Shift makes driving easier, safer and more comfortable. There’s no heavy clutch, and no stick to wrestle with. Every gear change is perfectly timed. The simplicity of the system reduces driver fatigue, helping you to focus on the road and the traffic around you. And if you do want to change gear manually, the button on the gearstick gives you direct control of the shift.

Volvo FH Just drive


Powerful. Torque-strong. And super-efficient. Our world-leading diesel engines boost productivity and improve your fuel-efficiency. They’re also kinder to the environment, too.

A celebration of truck drivers

Every component and every conceivable space has been meticulously designed to make you more comfortable – whether you’re behind the wheel, resting or sound asleep in the bunk.

A spacious cab

The upright A-pillars, low engine tunnel and high roof makes for a really spacious cab. And it is – even for tall drivers, the standing height is a whopping 220 centimetres.

Wide and comfortable bed

The lower bunk offers a comfortable rest with up to 1065 mm width (Globetrotter XXL cab). You can even choose a manual or electrically controlled bunk that inclines to 55 degrees – perfect when resting, reading or watching TV.

Volvo FH A celebration of truck drivers


  • Engine:13-litre Volvo diesel engines
  • Horsepower:420 | 460 | 500 | 540 hp
  • Torque:2100 | 2300 | 2500 | 2600 Nm
  • Transmission:I-Shift | I-Shirt Dual Clutch
  • GCM:Up to 100 tonnes
  • Axle configuration:6x2 | 6x4 | 8x4 | 10x4
  • Cab type:Low Sleeper Cab | Sleeper Cab | Globetrotter Cab | Globetrotter XL Cab | Globetrotter XL Cab