Volvo FE

Premium thinking

The key to profitability is total cost of ownership. To maximise profit, you need the right truck, personalised services and an extensive support network that keeps you on the road. The FE is Euro 6 compliant making it a cleaner truck to drive

We design and engineer every truck and every service to reduce your fuel costs, improve uptime and increase your productivity. Our Volvo customer support comes as standard – from the first kilometre, to the last.

Volvo FE Street smart design

Street smart design

Any job. Any street. Any time. The Volvo FE looks right at home. And with its streamlined cab and distinctive V-shaped lights, there’s no denying that it’s part of the family.

Compact. Confident. And proudly Volvo.

The Volvo FE stands out from other city and regional distribution trucks. And with its streamlined cab and standout safety features, takes its place among the highest quality vehicles in its class.

Volvo FE Compact. Confident. And proudly Volvo.
Volvo FE Day cab

Day cab

Day cab

  • Interior height: 1605mm
  • Length: 1600mm
  • Width: 2300mm

Comfort cab

Comfort cab

  • Interior height: 1605mm
  • Length: 2000mm
  • Width: 2300mm
Volvo FE Comfort cab
Volvo FE Sleeper cab

Sleeper cab

Sleeper cab

  • Interior height: 1605mm
  • Length: 2200mm
  • Width: 2300mm


Efficient power and performance

Our own Volvo D8K engine is a top performer in any situation. When tight manoeuvring is required, its fast response can be relied upon every time. It’s also powerful. Torque-strong. And efficient, too.

The D8K engine is now available with a 350 hp power rating and 1,400 Nm maximum torque. It extends the Volvo FE’s area of applications for demanding distribution, refuse and light construction transports. Single truck with two or three axles, with or without trailer – the Volvo FE has the power and torque needed.

Volvo FE A framework for success

A framework for success

Our engineers had a vision – a flexible chassis that could be adapted for almost any assignment. The result is light, yet strong enough for the heaviest loads. Incredibly durable. And infinitely customisable. So whatever your business, there’s a Volvo FE to match.

The Volvo FE chassis can be configured for almost any superstructure. Robust and rigid, the square, flat design makes for easy bodybuilding and a solution that satisfies even the most demanding of operations. Plus, improved chassis packaging for Euro 6 means the Volvo FE is unaffected by the stricter emission requirements.

I-SHIFT - Geared for efficiency

Negotiating urban environments is easier with I-Shift – our intelligent transmission system. Fast, smooth, quiet and a pleasure to drive, I-Shift optimises every gearshift – boosting fuel efficiency and increasing driver productivity.

Volvo FE I-SHIFT - Geared for efficiency
Volvo FE Driver productivity

Driver productivity

How do you make a driver more productive? Improve the drive. Increase cab comfort. And give them some innovative, time-saving tools. The Volvo FE is a productivity machine.

Enjoy the ride

A comfortable driver is a more effective driver. So we made working in the Volvo FE more rewarding than ever. There’s plenty of storage and space to relax. We’ve redesigned the seat. And the ergonomically placed instruments and controls make operating truck functions feel like second nature.

The driving seat

It’s where you spend your day. So it has to be perfect. We redesigned the Volvo FE seat to make it safer, more stylish and extra durable. Anchoring is improved. The headrest and seat belt are now integrated. And the heavy-duty dirt-resistant textiles complement the rest of the interior.

Volvo FE Enjoy the ride


  • Engine: 7.7-litre Volvo diesel engines
  • Horsepower: 250 | 280 | 320 | 350 hp
  • Torque: 950 | 1050 | 1200 | 1400 Nm
  • Transmission: I-Shift | Manual | Automatic
  • GCM: Up to 26 tonnes
  • Axle configuration: 4x2 | 6x2 | 6x4
  • Cab type: Day cab | Comfort cab | Sleeper cab