The new Volvo FMX

New Volvo The new Volvo FMX

Drive it like you hate it

Fifty years ago these words were made famous by a Volvo campaign. Yet they have never been more relevant than they are today. The new Volvo FMX is built for the toughest working conditions on earth. Beneath the robust exterior, a revolutionary new steering system takes the weight off your shoulders, and purpose-designed suspension evens out the terrain. You'll get the job done quicker, and smoother.

The new Volvo FMX Room for work.

Room for work.

A comfortable driver's seat, splendid visibility and lots of space make your work more enjoyable - and safer. A good overview of the dashboard, plus every button and lever within easy reach makes driving easier.

Up to 500hp of pure power. Without jeopardising fuel efficiency.

Excellent torque at low revs. An extremely wide max torque range. Peak torque meets peak power. Volvo's leadership in diesel-engine technology is clearly visible once you start comparing engine curves. You'll experience fast acceleration, excellent pulling power, comfortable low-speed handling and, not least, a fuel-efficient and pleasurable ride at cruising speed.

The new Volvo FMX Up to 500hp of pure power. Without jeopardising fuel efficiency.
The new Volvo FMX Enlightening news.

Enlightening news.

Now you can really see the light in the tunnel. The powerful headlights are improved and give a strong, wide, smooth light with an extremely long range making construction assignments more relaxed and much safer. While driving in the dark, Volvo FMX is a particularly good friend. The headlights produce a powerful beam, providing you with an early view on what is happening down the road. And, just as important, other road users will see you.

Never get stuck.

When it's very hilly and the road conditions are really rough, there's the option of all-wheel drive. The best part about this is that you select all-wheel drive when you need it, but can avoid it when running on a firm surface. This will save you a lot of fuel. So if you want to be sure of getting out of the dirt, these are the configurations to choose. The Volvo all-wheel drive is available as 6×6 with driven front axle that is now a standard offer from Volvo.

The new Volvo FMX Never get stuck.


  • Engine:10.8-litre or 12.8-litre Volvo diesel engines
  • Horsepower:330 / 370 / 410 / 450 / 460 / 500 hp
  • Torque:1600 / 1750 / 1950 / 2150 / 2300 / 2500 Nm
  • Transmission:Manual / I-Shift / Powertronic automatic
  • GCM:Up to 120 tonnes
  • Axle configuration:6x4, 6x6, 8x4
  • Cab type:Day cab, Sleeper cab, Globetrotter cab