Quon GW 420 Series

New UD Quon GW 420 Series

Quon GW 420 Series

The new GW 26 420 is currently rated as Australia’s best heavy duty Japanese prime mover by Steve Brooks in September's Diesel magazine! The GW is renowned for being superbly quiet on the road. Created with the outstanding new Quon model features including the integrated 11 litre engine and ESCOT V transmission, this truck works seamlessly to deliver the ultimate driving experience. Available in two wheelbases, the GW 26 420 has been designed to give you all the horsepower you want and all the control you need in one sophisticated and tough package.

Quon GW 420 Series SCR AdBlue

SCR AdBlue

UD Truck's latest generation heavy duty power plants are among the cleanest on the market thanks to UD Trucks SCR technology.These engines meet and exceed the latest ADR 80/03 (Euro 5) emission standard. UD Trucks is the first truck manufacturer in the world to introduce SCR technology to its vehicles.

Suspension Options

All GW models utilise long, taper leaf springs at the front of the vehicle mated to telescopic double acting shock absorbers, while at the rear there are two basic suspension options: UD heavy Duty 6 rod is a six rod trunion suspension with superior articulation. Hendrickson air bag is offered with standard, road-friendly suspension.

Quon GW 420 Series Suspension Options
Quon GW 420 Series ABS, ASR and EBS


Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) enable drivers to maintain steering control under severe braking conditions in emergency or low traction conditions. UD engineers have adopted an Electronic Brake System (EBS) controlling ABS and Anti Slip Regulation (ASR) traction control. ASR maintains control of the truck in marginal traction by minimising wheel spin. The systems act in unison ensuring control and steering is maintained in the most testing conditions.

Cab Strength

FUPS is designed to ensure the safety features fitted to passenger cars, such as air bags and crumple zones, are deployed during a collision with a heavy vehicle. While providing a boost for the trucks safety, the FUPS increases the GVM of the truck by an extra 500kg, benefiting efficiency and productivity. All Quon & Condor cabs meet the stringent ECE-R29 test requirements

Quon GW 420 Series Cab Strength


  • Engine:11-litre UD Trucks SCR engine
  • Power:308 kW
  • Torque:1990 Nm
  • Transmission:12 speed UD ESCOT V AMT
  • GVM:Up to 26 tonnes
  • GCM:Up to 55 tonnes
  • Wheelbase:3,950 - 4,260 mm
  • Axle configuration:6x4
  • Cab type:Sleeper Cab