Quon GK 420 Series

New UD Quon GK 420 Series

Quon GK 420 Series

The GK 17 420 is a workhorse that won't let you down, evolves with your business and continuously punches above its weight in general freight applications. Ideal for metro operators, this 4x2 is a smart but tough solution and is equipped with UD Trucks' new 11 litre engine and ESCOT V transmission for Ultimate Dependability.

Quon GK 420 Series FUPS


UD's heavy duty trucks offer Front Under-Run Protection System (FUPS) and a 6.5t front axle capacity as standard.

Automated Manual Transmission (AMT)

All new 11 litre Quon models launched at the Brisbane truck show in 2013 are fitted standard with the latest transmission offered by UD Trucks Australia. The new ESCOT V is a 12 speed, fully automated transmission with 2 pedal operation. Accompanying this transmission as standard across the range, is our tried and proven Easy Hill Start (EHS) and our Electronic Braking System (EBS).

Quon GK 420 Series Automated Manual Transmission (AMT)
Quon GK 420 Series Engine


Introduced at the Brisbane Truck show in 2013 our new 2013 11 litre Quon range has been fitted with the latest engine from our group. This hi tech engine is the latest in a new line of smaller capacity high performance engines which have been designed with high economy and low emissions in mind. This new engine has one of the highest power to weight ratios in its class and outstanding power per litre of capacity. Up to 60,000km service intervals are available. These engines have been tested to the extreme by our UD engineers in Japan. They are built for our rugged Australian conditions which UD Trucks are famous, and this continues the UD tradition of Ultimate Dependability as always.


SCR technology eliminates 95% of Nitrous Oxides, and almost all diesel particulate matter. All of UD's SCR equipped heavy duty trucks are some of the cleanest available in the Australian market

Quon GK 420 Series Emissions


  • Engine:11-litre UD Trucks SCR engine
  • Power:308 kw
  • Torque:1990 Nm
  • Transmission:12 speed UD ESCOT V AMT
  • GVM:Up to 16.5 tonnes
  • GCM:Up to 45 tonnes
  • Wheelbase:3,860 mm
  • Axle configuration:4x2
  • Cab type:Sleeper Cab