Quon CK 380 Series

New UD Quon CK 380 Series

Quon CK 380 Series

The CK 17 380 is UD's breakthrough truck in the heavy-duty 4x2 segment. Capitalising on the new Quon driveline, this truck has a GCM of 45,000 kg, making the CK 17 380 ideal for customers with intra-state and regional freight delivery routes. Built around a unique combination of engine and transmission technology that delivers a smooth and quiet operation, the CK 17 380 will deliver on-time with efficiency, reduced emissions and less driver fatigue without compromising on performance.

Quon CK 380 Series Engine


Introduced at the Brisbane Truck show in 2013 our new 2013 11 litre Quon range has been fitted with the latest engine from our group. This hi tech engine is the latest in a new line of smaller capacity high performance engines which have been designed with high economy and low emissions in mind. This new engine has one of the highest power to weight ratios in its class and outstanding power per litre of capacity. Up to 60,000km service intervals are available. These engines have been tested to the extreme by our UD engineers in Japan. They are built for our rugged Australian conditions which UD Trucks are famous, and this continues the UD tradition of Ultimate Dependability as always.


SCR technology eliminates 95% of Nitrous Oxides (NOx), and almost all diesel particulate matter. All of UD's SCR equipped heavy duty trucks are some of the cleanest available in the Australian market. Importantly, UD's technology will remain fundamentally the same through the Euro 6 update.

Quon CK 380 Series Emissions
Quon CK 380 Series Interior


CK 380 Series new cabin blends contemporary design with functionality with improved driver safety and comfort. Excellent storage, carpet, headroom and legroom create a cabin that is roomy, comfortable and designed for the operator. With climate control air-conditioning and a SAT/NAV Audio, Navigation & Entertainment System the operator has fingertip control of key communication functions. Add other features like 24v power supply, large centre console, ADR42/04 compliant sleeper bunk, heated and cooled storage box, cruise control and power windows to complete the picture. 3 seats are standard however a 2 seat option is available from factory.


Safety features include an SRS driver's air bag with seat belt pre-tensioner, ECE-R29 compliant cab and integrated ADR84/00 (ECE-R93) Front Underrun Protection (FUPS). Add a taper roller brake system with ABS and ASR, electrically operated and heated mirrors and the option of 360 degree visibility by using up to 3 optional cameras, and CK 380 Series meets most OH&S workplace requirements.

Quon CK 380 Series Safety


  • Engine:GH11 Engine Series
  • Power:278 kW
  • Torque:1790 Nm
  • Transmission:ESCOT V 12 speed, 2 pedal - AMT
  • GVM:Up to 16,500kg
  • GCM:Up to 45,000kg
  • Wheelbase:6,000 mm
  • Axle configuration:4x2
  • Cab type:Sleeper Cab