Quon CD

Innovation that puts people first

The newly launched CD 25 390 Rigid is new to the UD Trucks' range and is ideal for those working in FMCG, local distribution and refrigerated freight.

Features that redefine the Japanese truck market and ultimately keep you on the road longer, like bigger payloads, better safety, smarter fuel efficiency and respect for the environment, and improved driver comfort.

That is why we think the New Quon is the best Japanese truck in Australia.

Quon CD Dashboard designed for driver comfort

Dashboard designed for driver comfort

We have designed a sleek black and silver dashboard that skilfully combines straight lines and curves, to enhance driver operability and visibility, and to provide optimal arrangement of the multi-display monitor, switches, equipment, and instruments. Switches are set to light up when in use and to light up at night time, so that all switches can be easily understood at a quick glance.

Advanced fuel-efficient driveline

The Quon driveline, features the clean GH11 engine – with its increased horsepower and torque - and the "ESCOT-VI" automated manual transmission with enhanced fuel efficiency. The driveline uses advanced technology for high levels of fuel efficiency and smooth driving comfort with minimal fatigue.

Quon CD Advanced fuel-efficient driveline
Quon CD Safety functions for risk prediction

Safety functions for risk prediction

Safe driving is easier if the truck can predict potential dangers and warn the driver as quickly as possible. To do this, the Quon includes advanced safety systems such as the Traffic Eye Brake System and the Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) as standard.

Easy-maintenance Cab

All of the equipment required for daily inspections is located behind the grill, for greater inspection efficiency. The entire cab tilts 65 degrees for an expansive work space.

Quon CD Easy-maintenance Cab


  • Axle Configuration: 6x2
  • GVW: 26t
  • GCW: 45t
  • Engine: GH11
  • Power: 390hp(287kW)
  • Torque Nm:1750 Nm (1290 ft/lb) @ 900 rpm
  • Transmission: ESCOT-VI automated transmission
  • Brake Type: Electronic Braking System with Disc Brakes
  • ECS: Post post New Long Term emission regulation (pPNLT);
  • Usage: FMCG; Local Distribution; Refrigerated Freight; Tilt Tray