Condor PK Series

Condor PK Series

Quiet and refined, the PK draws on the dependable GH7 six cylinder engine to deliver 250 horsepower and 716 Nm of torque, giving you a truck that tackles the difficult tasks. This truck is exceptional value for money with a durable driveline and cab that delivers on safety and comfort. Choose between airbag or leaf suspension plus a range of other standard features to tailor this outstanding truck to your individual needs. With the 5-speed Allison automatic transmission, this truck delivers smooth trouble-free operation. You can be assured the PK will match the demands of your business in any local or metro distribution activities.

Condor PK Series FUPS and Cab Strength

FUPS and Cab Strength

UD was the first Japanese manufacturer in the Australian marketplace to offer Front Underrun Protection on its 16t GVM range of PK models.Apart from the added safety credentials the major advantage for operators is the ability to increase the trucks GVM by an extra 500kg when FUPS is fitted. FUPS is designed to ensure the safety features fitted to passenger cars, such as air bags and crumple zones, are deployed during a front-on collision with a heavy vehicle.UD is the first Japanese truck manufacturer to provide the highest level of cab strength, meeting the stringent ECE - R29 compliance in the PK range.

ABS Brakes

UD Trucks has taken a proactive stance in active safety with the inclusion of ABS and wheel park brake as standard features across the entire truck range. ABS enables drivers to maintain steering control under severe braking conditions in an emergency or low traction conditions. PK models feature a Wabco four channel ABS system.

Condor PK Series ABS Brakes
Condor PK Series Transmissions


The PK Series has a range of transmissions. UD's reliable six speed or 9 speed manual gearbox, both UD gearboxes manual featuring a power shift mechanism that reduces shift effort for the driver. The PK 16 280 and PK 17 280 can also be optioned with a nine speed Eaton sourced manual with 9 forward synchro mesh gears and one non-synchro reverse, and a Allison push button 3000 series automatic transmisson is a fully automatic Gen4 gearbox with adaptive shift and Power and ECOFleet modes.

Engine Options

The PK series offers the same UD designed and built GH7 7 litre six cylinder engine as the MK series, but with extra grunt for the tough tasks. The engines is rated with 206kW and a hard working 883Nm of torque delivered at a low 1400rpm. All engines in the UD medium duty range can be fitted with an optional rear engine (flywheel) PTO.

Condor PK Series Engine Options


  • Engine:7-litre UD Truck GH7 turbo diesel
  • Power:Euro 5: 180 / 206 kW, Euro 4: 258 hp
  • Torque:Euro 5: 716 / 883 Nm, Euro 4: 794 Nm
  • Transmission:6 and 9 speed UD, Eaton or Nissan Diesel manual / 5 and 6 speed Allison automatic
  • GVM:Up to 16.5 tonnes
  • GCM:Up to 32 tonnes
  • Wheelbase:4,500 - 6,450 mm
  • Axle configuration:4x2
  • Cab type:Day Cab