Bring out the big guns.

Australia is a land of extremes. Often leading our customers to work in some of the harshest environments on Earth. When the job is remote and the roads are challenging, you need the right equipment for the job. The Mack Titan delivers when the going gets tough.

Titan 6x4 Mid-rise Sleeper

6x4 Mid-rise Sleeper

At 40 inches, the Mid-rise Sleeper provides a roomy space that doesn't compromise the comfort of the driver's bed.

6x4 Hi-rise Sleeper

If you're pulling road trains in the Outback, you've got some long journeys ahead of you. The Titan High-rise Sleeper provides a spacious and comfortable sleeping area to ensure that essential good night's sleep.

Titan 6x4 Hi-rise Sleeper
Titan 8x6 Tri-Drive

8x6 Tri-Drive

The Titan Tri-Drive is designed for super heavy-duty work such as hauling quad trailers or low loaders carrying massive mining machinery.

Mack MP10 16.1 litre

The Titan packs the Mack MP10 engine, the most powerful engine we've ever offered, delivering from 600 to 685hp and 2,065-2,300 lb-ft torque. The MP10 uses Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology to comply with Euro 5 and ADR 80-03 emissions standards.

Titan Mack MP10 16.1 litre
Titan mDRIVE


For 685hp models the only transmission that can handle the torque is the Mack mDRIVE fully-automated manual.

Eaton Manual

For 685hp models the only transmission that can handle the torque is the Mack mDRIVE fully-automated manual. If you only need 600 hp, you can put an Eaton manual transmission in your Titan.

Titan Eaton Manual
Titan Chassis


The Titan 6x4 is available with a wheelbase range from 5,250mm to 6,300mm and for the 8x6 6,210mm to 6,490mm.

Super-heavy haulage

Australia's biggest heavy haulage companies rely on the Titan to get massive loads where they need to be

Titan Super-heavy haulage
Titan Roadtrain


Livestock trailers, fuel and chemical tankers, if it's a heavy load and a long distance, the Titan is there.


The B-Double's big brother simply demands more horsepower, but with their MP10 engines generating up to 685hp, the Super-Liner and Titan are up to the challenge.

Titan B-Triple


  • Engine:16-litre Mack MP10
  • Horsepower:600 and 685 HP
  • Torque:2,065 and 2,300 lb-ft
  • Transmission:Mack mDRIVE automated manual, Mack or Eaton application specific manuals
  • GVM:Up to 33 tonnes
  • GCM:Up to 260 tonnes
  • Wheelbase:4,600-6,290 mm
  • Axle configuration:6x4, 8x6
  • Cab type:Day Cab, 36" Sleeper, 40" Sleeper, 46" Sleeper, 52" Sleeper, 64" Sleeper