We are Mack. This is our Granite

Whether you're working in dense urban traffic, construction sites or the open highway, the Granite will get the job done.

Granite The perfect partner for your business

The perfect partner for your business

The Granite's lightweight chassis can carry heavy loads while staying nimble, and its Mack MP8 engine is powerful and fuel-efficient, creating an unflinching truck built with true grit.

Hard as a Rock

With two configurations the vocational model is perfect for heavy construction, tipper and dog configurations and the distribution model is perfect for open highway, local and interstate distribution work. Both models have:

  • Low level cab ideal for multi-stop entries
  • Powered by the Mack MP8 435hp or 500hp engine delivering up to 1,840 lb-ft torque
  • mDRIVE automated manual transmission takes all the effort out of gear changes
  • Great fuel economy and low emissions
  • Optional Road Stability Advantage rollover prevention
  • Mack Grade Gripper – hill start assist
  • Optimised Spec available for Rigid Tipper
  • Designed and built in Australia for Australian conditions
Granite Hard as a Rock
Granite MP8


The MP®8 engine is a legend on roads everywhere. With plenty of horsepower and torque across a wide operating range, the MP®8 delivers high reliability and excellent fuel economy and is suited to line haul applications as well as urban short-haul and construction operations.

  • 435-535 Horsepower
  • 1,655-1,920 lb.-ft. torque
  • 13L displacement
  • Euro 5 SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction)


The Mack mDRIVE transmission is an automated 12-speed, two-pedal automated manual transmission (AMT). This transmission maximises driver comfort, payload and fuel economy with an impressive base torque.

  • Automated manual transmission
  • 12-speed, two-pedal
  • Direct drive and overdrive offerings
  • Up to 2,300 lb.-ft. torque capacity dependant on model
Granite Mack mDRIVE
Granite Distribution


Every day, Granites haul semi-trailers around every city in the country.

Fuel tanker

Next time you see the tanker unloading at your local petrol station, chances are it'll be pulled by a Granite.

Granite Fuel tanker
Granite Truck and Dog

Truck and Dog

Keeping the dust down and making the site run smoothly, that's a job for a Granite.


  • Engine:12.8-litre Mack MP8
  • Horsepower:435 HP or 500 HP
  • Torque:2250Nm (1659 ft. lb) or 2550Nm (1880 ft. lb)
  • Transmission:Mack mDRIVE Automated Manual / Mack Maxitorque / Eaton manual
  • GCM:50 - 70 tonne (up to 110 tonne on application)
  • GVW:up to 34 tonne
  • Wheelbase:4,710 - 6,400 mm
  • Axle configuration:6x4 | 8x4 | 10x4
  • Cab type:Day Cab, 40" Mid-Rise, 28" Supercab